_ I will be the guest on The Edge Television Broadcast with Daniel Ott on Saturday, December 10 at 8:15PM Eastern. While the host may be televised, I (fortunately) will not, but you’ll hear me. For the live broadcast, go to  www.theedgeam.com and you’ll see the player in the center column. You have a choice of Watch Live or Listen Live buttons. If you miss the program, you can access the recoded show just below the player in the center column (you are given a choice for video or audio playback), or you can go to http://www.theedgeam.com/theedgepodcast.xml to download the audio podcast.

Next is my interview with Mike Bennett (aka Dr. Future) on the Future Quake Show on Tuesday, December 27 at 8PM Eastern. This is actually a podcast, not a live show, so you have to download it after its posted. Go to www.futurequake.com and click on the Past Shows link on the navigation bar, which will take you to the page where the shows are listed chronologically. At the top and to the right of each show listing you will find a Show Audio File link, which you can click to play or right click and select Save to download the mp3 file to your had drive. 

Finally, I will have a one-hour interview with Paul and Ben Eno on Behind The Paranormal on Monday, January 9 at 6PM Eastern. Paul and Ben have live shows on several networks. My interview will be on WOON 1240 AM in Rhode Island, which is broadcast in the Boston, Worcester and Providence listening areas, so my Massachusetts fans can hear me on the radio this time. You can also get this show live on the web by going to www.onworldwide.com. There is a group of buttons (I think they call them “Tiles” now) near the top of the page, Click on the ON TV button to watch the live TV feed, or click the ON @ WORK to listen to the live audio feed. You can catch the recorded podcast once it’s posted on www.behindtheparanormal.com/podcasts2011.htm. Look for the show in the right column and click to LISTEN button. You can also right-click on this button and select Save to download the mp3 file.



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